Monday, January 25, 2010

Nathonomicon's Birth Day Present


Super N8 (Nate) - o - TRON's big big birthday happened recently. He's a game designer here at Disney and a long time friend. He created the character and designed the awesome video game DEAD HEAD FRED!!! Indeed his creative powers are formidable.
His wife contacted me for a commission... she had a great idea of N8 meeting all of the video game characters he's been involved with. Drawing all of them proved impossible 'cause N8 has had such a long and illustrious carer. So I chose what I hoped would be his top five.
After telling Becky "Your money is no good here." cause N8 is Nate... I proceeded to ink and watercolor piece the old fashioned way... with ink and watercolor. I finished it last night, found a frame and presented it to him today. I think he liked it :) Happy birthday friend!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Firestar and her amazing friends


Ah Firestar... There was never a more lovely 80's cartoon character. The show's title said Spiderman and his amazing friends but we knew who the real star of the show was. Firestar that's who.

She-Ra wasn't bad though... Cheetara... Arcee... hmmm...