Monday, December 22, 2008

Transformers Animated: Nightbird and Cosmo-Bot #5


One of my favorite episodes of the ol 85' transformers was Enter the Nightbird. Nightbird is a female robot ninja!!! It don't get better than that. I was always so sad she was only in one episode... but maybe that's part of what makes her so cool.
I really wanted to see what Nightbird would look like in the Transformers Animated universe, so I did yet another of my Derrick "the man" Wyatt impressions. (I just love his work so much.)
Find out more about Nightbird over at the transformers wiki and youtube.

*Comsmo-Bot #5*

It's very cold in space.

And speaking of Transformers... here's the ultimate nerd-core Transformers Christmas video. Happy Holidays to yaz.


Abby Ryder said...

Oh cheese! Those are totally awesome. Especially Nightbird!

Rascal King said...

Awesome Nightbird! What is it about the one-hit wodners that make them so likeable?

Also, not sure if you know but I don't think the Wikia site updates anymore... Try for future reference!

mike said...

i don't remember nightbird but what a cool character! i wonder why they didn't use her more.

great take!

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