Wednesday, January 14, 2009


What strange and interesting doodles live in the mind of the strange and interesting artist Matthew S. Armstrong... lets find out.

How strange and interesting.


Abby Ryder said...

These are all SO cool! How often do you sketch? I try to do something every day but with working at the shop I feel like I have no time.

I was going to put down the pencil for the night but now I'm inspired again. :-)

M@TtHeW said...

Ah, thanks so much Abby. I sketch whenever I can... restaurants in the car on the bus... in bed before I go to sleep... I'm a real doodle addict. Always have been.
happy sketching! And please post it your sketches inspire me to no end!!!

Amanda said...

I loved seeing all those sketches. You are amazing. I think you should be in charge of creating a world we can all go play in. I really liked these: the very first one, I liked the belt she's wearing (great attention to detail). I also liked the second one A LOT, I think it's my favorite. Though it might scare me to hang it in my house. And lastly I really liked the one that looks like a comic just before the transformer. I love the viking guy with the little princess. Oh and the third one is SO CUTE! Seriously just publish your sketches so I can always have them with me. You're AMAZING!

Kactiguy said...

Dude, how come I didn't know about this blog. I feel so alone. Great stuff my friend.

mike said...

apparently your mind contains much awesomeness.

GhettoFab said...

its an over load of fantabulous work!!! My head just exploded...

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