Friday, May 15, 2009

Princess of Martian Trees

Just a couple of studies for fun. Have a great weekend! Every one!!!


Amanda said...

The last one almost looks like a fairies castle under an evil spell. Spoooooky! I like the stance of the gal above.

Sparky said...

That tree needs to be the 'home' hub in a game. That is really awesome!

Just wanted to pop a comment in to say I have perused and love your art!

Also, a fan of transformers from the waaay back, and loving those TF-animated style designs! Go Go Sunstreaker and Sideswipe! And Tracks and Cosmos of all bots!

I am full of exclamations about your art!

GooGoo Supreme said...

Hello Matthew,

I just wanted to write and say I'm a huge fan of your art. I recently started a blog were I wanted to list my favorite artists and put a link (to blogs and websites).

I also wanted to put up a small image for each artist. I put lots of credit info, however, if you need me to take down the link or image just let me know and I can do it no problem.

Keep up the awsome art!

Jason Newkirk said...

awesome stuff Matthew! really cool.

M@TtHeW said...

Thans sooo very much for the comments guys.

Goo Goo Supreme-Thanks so much for the link! (that's so funny... we used to call my little brother goo goo when he was very young.)

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Overseas pharmacy said...

Cool draws the designs are amazing! I would like to learn to draw like this one day to create my own designs and maybe write a comic, anyway, keep it up the good work and also keep posting.

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