Friday, July 10, 2009

HelmiTRON series 2

So... this week at work Virginia started this art swap coolness... we all draw little little pieces of art and swap 'em. As a person who usually hoards his art originals in boxes in the basement... it's been new to me to give originals away. I've found I really love it... especially when I get work back from some of my favorite artists... who happen to be the same artists I work with. Woo Hoo!


Nasan Hardcastle said...

These robot girls remind me a lot of The Guardian Legend for the NES. Were you influenced by that when you drew these?

M@TtHeW said...

A definite possibility sir. While not directly thinking of Guardian Legend (one of the greatest 8-bit games of all times)... I loved GL sooo good...musta bubbled to the surface. :) Man, now I have GL music playing in my head.

Jason said...

The art swap thing sounds really cool. How does one get involved with that.