Wednesday, November 25, 2009

... then Buffy staked Edward. The End

* * *

I think my abridged version of the Twilight Saga is a vast improvement.

Further Twilight improvment spoofy goodness:

TWILIGHT SUCKS! Emo Vampire Song

Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed

Vampire Reunion


Abby Ryder said...

That's frikken brilliant right there mate!

Ezmerelda Endora Enid (or is it??) said...

That's RAD!! LOVE it!!

Joe said...

holy crap. So funny! I wish that was how the first one ended....then there would be no more. Great job!

Preston said...

Haha I like his expression, contrasting hers. Cool colors as well, fits the mood of twilight.

Lily said...

Amazing! Do you sell your work? x

mtcn said...

GREAT work!

do you have an HQ version of that pic?
if you do can you please send it to me? my mail is:

thank you very much in advance :)

Duck said...

Awesome, do you have prints or maybe tshirts of this for sale anywhere?

cheap viagra said...

I thin k it is better than the real movie, it has some humor in it, which make it perfect.

Anonymous said...

i dont like it its not brilliant twilight is really good i bet none of ya have even seen the movie its just stupid and immature