Friday, August 20, 2010

Trolly theTroll and the trolldame


a classic fairy tale of evil and much, much worser evil..


Amanda said...

Hey Matt Matt, I really liked this drawing, but it scares me a little. I like how she is positioned on his hand in an not-so-typical way. I like how he's corralling her with his bony finger. I like that he is part old house. It's a very interesting picture ... I want to take my eyes away ... but I can't:)

Jose Ramos said...

Wow, I´ve seen this in Avalanche´s blog , and I felt curiosity for to know you.
.Well , here I´m , and I can say you that , you have an awesome blog dude!
.i hope get back soon , and let´s take a look
.Thanks for to share your art Matt (I will linked your blog)

Jose Ramos said...

I love all your details! , it´s very nice!