Thursday, August 25, 2011

Publishers Weekly reviews Jane and Mizmow!!!

Here it is:

Jane & Mizmow
In his first solo outing, illustrator Armstrong (Rhino, Rhino, Sweet Potato) offers a charmingly illustrated story, full of physical comedy, about a girl’s bumpy friendship with a monster. Jane is waifish and shaggy-haired, while Mizmow is a pudgy, furry owl-like creature with rabbit ears. When they first meet, after Jane shakes Mizmow out of a woolen cap, she loves him immediately (a cartoon heart appears above her delighted face), though Mizmow unexpectedly licks her, gobbles her up, then spits her out. After this opening interlude, which unfolds in wordless panels like a cartoon storyboard, Armstrong introduces some perfunctory and generally unnecessary text to describe the duo’s episodic misadventures, which culminate in a big fight (“Mizmow is mad. Jane is more mad”). Mizmow is mischievous—much of the book’s humor revolves around his heft and large appetite for red autumn leaves and books—with Jane playing straight man (and getting catapulted through the air on more than one occasion). It’s a humorous account of an unlikely friendship, but the bland prose saps some of its magic. Ages 3–5. (Oct.)
You can also read it on the Publishers Weekly website too... if you like :)

It doesn't get much bigger than Publishers Weekly. This is incredible! As a long time reader of PW it blows my mind to see my own creation reviewed. Woot!!! I have to disagree with their point on the writing. Its very important young readers are able to read a picture book made for them. Thus the simple sentence structure. Besides "Mizmow is mad. Jane is more mad." is a funny couple of sentences and still makes me giggle. But really... this is a great and wonderful review full of so many nice things about my little book. Many thanks to PW for such a positive review. Thanks for choosing Jane and Mizmow to review!!!

Jane and Mizmow will be available in finer book stores everywhere Oct 1st 2011.


Kylie said...

That's so exciting Matthew! Congrats! I can't wait to get my hands on this book! :)

Simini said...

Congratulations! I'm excited to read it!

Amanda said...

YES! YES! YES! It is finally here! I'm soooooo excited! Congratulations! What a truiumph! It looks beautiful! May there be many to come. I can't wait to get my copy. Signed copy that is:) Much love!

Matthew S. Armstrong said...

thank you thank you :)