Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing the Transformers Collectors Club Magazine's 2012 Profile Artist - Matthew Armstrong!

Fulfilling a childhood dream.

In 1984 when Transformers first came to the States it rocked my world.  My love for the robots in disguise was a huge part of me wanting to be an artist when I grew up... maybe even an artist that got to draw Transformers.  I can still remember my 3rd grade teacher getting on my case because I drew Transformers all the time.  "Draw something else!"  I can still hear her say.  I did draw other things but never stopped drawing Transformers.

You can find more of my childhood Transformer Drawings here.  (Should you be so inclined :)

And if you'd like to see my more recent Tf pieces I've done for fun these recent years click this.

Any way...

I was thrilled to get an email which led me to getting to draw a bunch of Transformers professionally.  It's weird and wonderful to see my name and art pop up on all my favorite Transformer websites.  Here's what the TFCC had to say:

We are excited to announce that Matthew Armstrong will be the artist behind the 2012 Transformers Collectors' Club Magazine MTMTE profiles! Matthew recently had his first solo children's book "Jane & Mizmo" reviewed by Publishers Weekly and the book itself will be available in book stores on Oct 1st.

We look forward to sharing Matthew's great art with everyone in the 2012 editions of the TCC magazine. But, why wait 4 more months for your first look? We have a preview for you today of one of the characters you will see featured next year in a MTMTE profile AND in the story "A Flash Forward"... G2 Flamefeather!

Click the story thumbnail for a expanded look and check out Matthew's Blog and art page, featuring all kinds of great art including some other Transformers, here!


 So, I hope my fellow fans like my take on the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons.  And... I hope I get to do some more.

I'd like to thank Pete (the man) Sinclair for the opportunity.  Thanks Pete!

Till all are one!!!


Amanda said...

Matt this is so TOTALLY AWESOME!

GhettoFab said...

You kik TOO much ace.....TOO much I say