Saturday, October 29, 2011

Night of the Chompkin

of the

Matthew S. Armstrong

Little Roo
wandered far

Carefully following
the darkest star

This was ever her path
on Halloween night

When the bluish, ghoulish
moon shone bright

Over the troll bridge
and past the black gorge

And into the pumpkin patch
next to the morgue  

The Ghosts of Pumpkins Past  
shivered and swayed  
Spirits and Wisps
swirled and prayed      
Awaken! Awaken!
oh chomping one

Awaken! Awaken!
it’s time we’ve begun

The Chompkin arose
with a deafening roar

Through the twilight
he did eerily soar

The Ghosts of Pumpkins Past
all ran away

The Spirits and Wisps
where are they?

But little Roo
was not afraid

There she stood
And there she stayed

For all Hallows eve
was when they played

Questing for candy
in the town masquerade

Scaring commoner
and noble alike

Flying all the way
to Goblin Pike

One a girl, one a monster
yet they’re souls where akin

Little Roo
and her Chompkin

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Emerson Fialho said...

Muito legal o trabalho, parabéns!